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Elevating Founders



WIMARK DIGEN.IO - an AI-powered solution allowing ISPs to auto-detect and fix Wi-Fi issues before their customers notice it.

The problem - home Wi-Fi is the weakest link in the infrastructure and ISPs do not have an accurate and fast way to identify issues. 60% of calls to ISP are due to Wi-Fi issues, but ISPs receive limited information about the issue. So, 30% of the calls lead to a replacement router when almost 80% of the issues are not router related.


1) We build AI into Wi-Fi software to help ISPs understand the root cause of the issue
2) We enter a fast-growing market with a competitive solution
3) We are able dive deeper into Wi-Fi issues because of our partnerships with hardware vendors
4) Our existing customers include some of the largest Russian/CIS ISPs

We provide ISPs with significant advantages including:

1) Decreased frequency of router replacements
2) Accurate and fast issue identification
3) State-of-the-art visualization
4) AI-driven text/speech assistant

Our solutions are used by the top 5 operators in Russia and the CIS. We are also involved in the customer development process in EU/UK and have already achieved good results leading us to believe our go-to-market strategy is a successful one.