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WarnerPatch is a medical device that predicts disease evolution for clinicians to give preventive care, improve patient outcome and save care costs.  Particularly focusing on peripheral vascular diseases (PVD), which include diabetic foot and wound care, WarnerPatch reduces the treatment cycle by improving patient management for clinicians and healthcare providers. PVD has a long treatment cycle which can lead to sepsis, embolism, amputation, or, death. Depending on the patient status, the disease often evolves either too fast or too slow and clinicians do not have a clear overview of the disease evolution at the current clinical assessment frequency. It often leads to late recognition of disease degradation and advanced complications.

In the UK, there are 5000 unnecessary amputations a year of PVD patients due to poor patient management and long treatment cycles; with 50% higher chances of death within a year. It costs another £1M to the NHS per amputee. WarnerPatch will reduce these numbers to 0.

WarnerPatch comes as a non-invasive, wearable wireless (using 2G network) sensor that continuously measures the disease symptoms. The symptoms measured is related to tissue health. With advanced data analytics (AI) on the continuous measurements, a prediction on the future evolution is given with notification should degradation is predicted. Clinicians can access the results on a real time basis and get notified when a patient becomes high risk. It aims to help providing a closer follow-up of high-risk patients.