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Elevating Founders

Syndi Health


At Syndi we’re building the future of digital health services by constructing the infrastructure to aggregate, pay and monitor point-of-care digital health services.

What we do: You can think of it as an integrated Netflix-style bundling and targeted of point-of-care solution in one self-paid, co-paid or reimbursed subscription to provide users with an all-access bundle of digital health services tailored to each individual's needs. Syndi retains 10% of all lifetime transactions to digital health services by referred users. Syndi will hold the key to eliminating costly trial-and-error digital recommendations/prescribing through machine-learning driven recommendations driven by the the world’s most comprehensive digital health efficacy dataset.

How we do it: By gathering health data from users' smartphones and financial data from our virtual payment card we create unparalleled levels of AI-driven health personalisation. Our infrastructure integrates into high-traffic online distribution channels, such as student discount platforms, charity websites and online communities, to gain access to high volumes of users.

We are excited to pitch at Elevating Founders Europe 2022 to extend visibility to seed investors prior to the opening of our seed round, to find new customers and partners that we can build mutually beneficial relationships with, and build awareness of Syndi’s mission: To give people all around the world the power to care for themselves through access to personalised, effective and affordable digital health services.