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Elevating Founders



Ostique is a female, mission-led team, developing innovative ostomy devices combining advanced functionality with customisable aesthetics to improve patient’s quality of life.
There are 2.5 million+ patients worldwide with stomas (a surgical, abdominal opening diverting faecal waste into an external bag worn constantly). The global ostomy market is worth a $2.6 billion forecast to grow at +5% CAGR to $3.5 billion by 2023. Existing appliances have changed little in decades, remaining “just a bag”. Problems include: bag-leakages, noises, odours and skin reactions. These significantly impact patients’ daily activities, their physical and social mobility and psychological well-being.
Drivn by personal circumstances, the founder’s brothers have Crohn’s Disease, a common prelude to stoma surgery. Our vision is to provide an affordable solution confronting the ‘poo-taboo’ by:
1.Empowering patients and improving quality of life;
2.Outperforming current appliances by overcoming their functional and aesthetic shortcomings; and
3.Reducing significant cost pressures felt by global healthcare providers.
Our innovation focuses on:
●Disposable waste-collection inserts with superior, patented ventilation systems and deodorisation technology reducing odours thus anxiety and social stigma;
●Novel adhesive combinations providing advanced skin-adhesion reducing bag-leakages and skin inflammation;
●Biocompatible materials including skin-like textures improving overall comfort and feel; and
●Providing attractive, customisable devices in a range of skin-tone colours thus catering for diverse social and racial profiles which doesn’t currently exist.

Our game-changing ostomy system takes a holistic and collaborative approach unlike anything else available and the opportunity to cater for this underserved yet truly deserving section of society is significant.