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Elevating Founders



Loowatt has developed a waterless toilet and closed loop sanitation system to meet a massive global market need worth £50bn+. Our unique waterless flush toilet offers the marvel of a flush toilet without the use of water, hygienically and odourlessly capturing waste for value-generating treatment. Since 2016, Loowatt toilets in the UK and Madagascar have provided a great toilet experience to >300,000 users, and our systems have processed >350T of waste into utility-run systems that generate energy and fertiliser.

Having proven our patented technology through services, in autumn 2019 the company began to scale up through a B2B model selling hardware and consumables to service providers in urban and portable applications. The company this year Is delivering on a major contract with the City of Manila, the Philippines, and is commending a pilot in Durban, South Africa. We anticipate revenue growth of 200% from the previous year.
Development thus far has been supported by >£5mn in private investment and grants with founders including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and InnovateUK.

Loowatt’s team has combined >100 yrs experience in sanitation and product development, including a now CTO previously of Dyson and Kohler.
Investment being raised in 2020-2021 will support operating costs to net profitability and investments into manufacturing for gross margin increases to 60% on hardware and recurring consumables.