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Elevating Founders

Kotozna, Inc.


Kotozna, Inc. is a Japanese communications-technology company established in 2016 with offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Zhuhai-China, and Tallinn-Estonia.

Recognized as one of the most promising Japanese startups, JETRO awarded us with J-Startup . We are also an official partner of JTB (Japan Tourist Bureau), the largest travel agency in Japan; and this partnership makes them our exclusive local distributor. It is our goal to secure partnerships with various national travel boards/organizations in other countries who can serve as our distributors and with whom we intend to share revenues.

Our flagship product is Kotozna In-room, a multilingual digital console that connects hotel staff and guests. It creates the ideal situation for hotels - clean, distanced, and global. It replaces hotel phones and digitizes paper-based materials. Face-to-face meetings or sharing devices is no longer necessary for guests to place service requests. Its translation capabilities are superior, breaking language barriers altogether. Ultimately, Kotozna In-room minimizes human interactions but enhances their connections and this makes our product an indispensable hotel/lodging industry partner.

Domestically, we observe an upward trend in our growth. We intend to expand globally in 2021. The UK, US, the rest of Europe and Southeast Asia are definitely our top global market targets. Moreover, under any pandemic situation, an antiviral product like ours can help hotels bounce back. We want to make our technology available when and where it is most needed.

At Kotozna, Inc., we envision a virus-free world without language barriers and with an enhanced travel experience for all.