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Elevating Founders



Nigeria healthcare system is highly fragmented and prone to medical errors and inefficiencies leading to poor patients outcome which often leads to death.Incompletely filled paper charts, difficult to decipher handwriting, missing notes are expected in any record system that depends on paper records and ultimately, paper kills.Out of the 50,000 Healthcare facilities and 250,000 laboratories and pharmacies in Nigeria, less than 10 percent leverages on digital tech to optmize their day to day operations.This is what Healthstack Solutions Limited is on a mission to solve. HealthStack seeks to help regional health authorities create and strengthen a resilient pandemic proof healthcare system for Africa through the provision and implementation of a digital health platform. The platform provides a comprehensive Digital Healthcare Platform as a Service (DHPaaS) to healthcare organizations, which consists of simple, low-cost, intelligent (backed with artificial intelligence), hybrid (offline and online), cloud-based digital tools. This solution help healthcare organization provides robust healthcare services to clients and interact with relevant stakeholders or partners electronically. It also provides answers to numerous health system challenges and a pathway to an accelerated digitised healthcare service delivery in Africa.
Healthstack offers a hybrid cloud-based client centric longitudinal electronic medical records. It has embedded facility-led telemedicine solutions supporting the continuation of care to existing and new clientele. It allows for interconnection with third-party collaborators such as Hospitals, Clinics, HMOs, Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Diagnostic facilities. It also offers tools for financial and inventory management. Our Unique selling point is in the potential of the platform to provide a biosecurity shield that can impact disease transmission and surveillance, providing early warning notification thus keeping everyone safe, especially in light of pandemics and epidemics that know no boundaries or timin
Getting accepted to pitch at Elevating Founders Africa 2022 in Africa Tech Festival will grant us access to share our innovation infront of influential industry leaders and investors for useful feedacks and funding opportunities. We are currently in 18 Facilities in Nigeria with 11,000 patients and 150 users onboarded and our 6 months goal is to onboard 500 Facilities.. We have 2 state government approved projects ongoing called Project SaFe -whose goal is To improve surveillance and self-reporting of private facilities in Lagos State. We are interested in sharing our story, vision and impacts at the Africa Startup festival to boost our visibility.Raising capital from investors is a challenging task for startups as there are limited resources, therefore, the only way to add value to our startup is through opportunities like this to pitch infront of prospective investors,stakeholders,potential partners,industry experts and potential clients which the festival affords us .We would be able to live demo our product and communicate our values in the helthcare system in Africa to futher help us build credibility necessary to continue the conversation towards partnership and funding.The live pitch would help us listen to other startups and learn from their experience and challenges. The opportunity to collaborate and network with other startups is definetly one aspect we look forward to.