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Elevating Founders



What would happen to your family and loved ones, if the worst were to happen to you tomorrow? If you were no longer around, will the family house be ok? The bills? Apart from grief, would your family be able to manage like they do now? We all know life insurance can offer peace of mind, but the journey to obtaining adequate life insurance is anything but easy or simple. Advances in technology, and the insurance industry embracing change, is allowing this process to become more automated.

Bequest is on a mission to offer substantial financial protection to the millions of uninsured throughout the UK. We are directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FRN: 923791] and are manufacturing the UK’s first life product that addresses the needs of today. We are able to underwrite, without the need of a medical exam or intensive questions. Our users can complete the process entirely digitally and autonomously.

We are working with some of the biggest leaders in the insurance space, in order to bring a robust life product that meets the high expectations of today's customers. Insurance, writing a will and ensuring you have enough for retirement, doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. Our tech platform seamlessly gives customers a bird’s eye view of their estate today, and what their legacy of tomorrow will look like.