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Elevating Founders



ApTap is a next-generation of affiliate marketplaces, housing end-to-end user journeys that allow users to cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services within their banking app. ApTap builds white-labelled financial management API's that allow banks to offer a simple bill management tools to their customers and generate affiliate revenue from switching.

Over the last few months, we have:
Launched our D2C web-app in May and already have 150 users, 120 bank accounts connected, and switched 4 customers to new deals saving them £220 on average.
Signed a contract and launched a pilot with TSB Bank on the 1st of July. The PoC will be for a period 3-months, we got paid £50,000 as a software licensing fee and agreed on 50/50 revenue share on affiliate switching, with a view to rolling onto a full contract.
Doubled the team size and hired 2 Full Stack Developers, Data Scientists and DevOps Engineer to build new APIs and pilot integrations.
Sign a partnership with EnergyLinx (GoCompare) and got affiliate deals with all major broadband providers (SKY, BT, EE, Virgin, etc.).
Submitted an Innovate UK Grant application with Money A+E partner for funding amount (~£1.3M) to improve the wellbeing of people with financial disabilities.
We took part in 2 accelerator programs Accenture's FinTech Innovation Lab (top 10 startup) and WeWork Labs by TSB Labs after which we launched a pilot with TSB.