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Elevating Founders

Albatross Technology


Albatross Technology, Japan, is developing patented innovative ocean renewable energy technologies, such as floating offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines, and wave energy converters, aiming for the significant cost reduction of energy from the ocean.
Problem: We are solving the cost problems of floating offshore wind power. In many countries, we need to develop floating wind turbines instead of bottom fixed ones because of the limited shallow water. However, present floating turbines are quite expensive because of the large floater for keeping the upright position of a top-heavy horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT). Although HAWT has been quite successful in onshore and offshore-bottom-fixed applications, there will be other design fits to the offshore floating condition.

Solution: We are developing a new concept of a floating offshore wind turbine. Our solution is to mount a vertical axis wind turbine on a circular cylindrical float. Point is that the cylindrical float rotates with the turbine. Power take-off from the turbine is by multiple electric generators installed on a ring-shaped moored stage surrounding the cylindrical float. The rotor and the cylindrical float rotate while the tension of mooring lines prevent the ring stage from rotation and absorb the reaction torque of electric generation. The concept is called Floating Axis Wind Turbine (FAWT).